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26. January 2014

hello fellas. i’m going to share about kpop for me *0*
i’m becoming fan of kpop since i’m on hi-school..nowadays i’m aldy joining at the college.
my fandom is inspirit. :3 and my bias is aall of members infinite !!! my yeoja bias only Soojung from F(x). and guys.
i also have another bias :3 be is Im Jaebeum. :3 
i love him so much. i think i’m fallin in love wih him cx yeah xd

25. September 2013

To Sungyeol.

Sungyeol is like an elementary school kid (choding)**. But there are times when he suddenly become like an adult (mature). He’s just simple but I often see the elementary school kid in him in the way he concentrates and persevere so I think he’s lovely (like that). I’m shy to say this but i hope i would still have this ‘Choding Sungyeol’ even as we grown older.”

25. September 2013

"To Dongwoo

Dongwoo hyung is always smiling. But i think he’ll have a bundle of worries on how to show that he is always smiling. (It doesn’t show in his eyes!) That’s alright, don’t worry Dongwoo hyung! That smile gives a positive effect to everyone!”